Alison Frosdick and Jack Burnaby

Growing up in Somerset and Hampshire, Alison and Jack are well-rooted in the folk music of England, as these were among the most collected counties in the Edwardian revival.

‘..create the ambience of music halls, country fairs and horse-drawn caravans swaying down country lanes. They make contemporary songs sound traditional and traditional songs fresh and immediate.’

Now based in London, they reached a great new audience in 2018, playing Cecil Sharp House for the Trad Night series, and a string of festivals including Sidmouth, Broadstairs and Whitby, where they also ran several inspiring workshops.*

‘Alison and Jack are two of our favourite performers. Jack’s squeezeboxes and Alison’s voice were made for each other.’


*Pop-up choir, Irish concertina beginners, Interpreting folk song, Rounds, Arranging/accompanying, French tunes