FolkCast 131 with Phil Widdows

Podcast produced in Lancashire. Phil played Whistling Gypsy Rover and said:

‘So what is it with women and gypsies? Is it the image of the twinkling-eyed traveller, the stranger with a neckerchief and the gift of the gab that appeals? Or do they simply hunger for someone with their own scrap metal business!’


‘There are lots of people today who are trying to re-invent folk music or mix it with other musical styles, and that’s good, but it’s also good that there are the likes of Alison and Jack who’ve produced a straightforward original flavour to strong and simple and satisfying. Their song was Whistling Gypsy Rover which actually isn’t a trad song, although it sounds like one. It was penned by Irish folkie Leo McGuire in the 1950s, and it’s grand!’

Kind words – thank-you Phil Widdows!

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